Popular Hair Trends That Debuted This New Year

There is no better way to start the New Year off with a big pop and bang like getting a whole new hair cut for yourself. Even though we are two months in to the new year, it is still not too late for you to change your, head in to a salon and get a new look for the new year. Getting a new look will make you feel like you cut off your old self from you and you are starting the new year as a brand new person. It honestly does make you feel very good about yourself and is helpful in increasing your self-esteem as well. Here are some of the best hair trends that came out this tear!

Eye length fringe

If you are not someone who wants to be extremely daring when it comes to new hair styles, this style is just the right one for you. It does not take too much off the bottom or top either, it helps you achieve a beautiful mini fringe that hits the exact spot right above your eyes. Head to the best hairdresser Melbourne, tell them that this is what you want and walk out of the salon as a whole new person!

Long bangs

As opposed to eye length bangs, cutting your hair to get long bangs is going to be far more versatile. Many celebrities and the public in general was seen to be sporting this specific hair trend due to the fact that you can either have your bangs over your face if you feel like it, or you can move them to the sides and pin it down when you are feeling like it. It really is versatile and helps you style your hair the way you want to. When you visit a hair salon you can let them style your long bangs in to many other different hair styles for special occasions because long bangs are way easier to style than anything else.

Bold chops

This one is for the ladies that are bold and daring and always ready to try out something fun and new with their hair. This haircut was extremely popular in the nineties and has now made a big return and can be seen on a lot of different women everywhere. Under the category of bold bangs women can decide on bold buzz cuts, short bobs and even the iconic wedge. This hairstyle can easily be done on a woman with either short or long hair and is an exciting way to start off the New Year!