Don’ts In Getting A Pretty Face And Figure

Natural beauty was once hype over people but today, it’s all about changing a lot of things to look like something else. Many years ago if you look at girls in general most of them had a unique face and body but now if you look at a girl from completely two different countries, you might notice how similar they could look. It could be the way they do the eye liner or even the way they plump their lips. In this journey in looking like the ideal face or the look that people accept as pretty, people end up doing so many things to their body and face. I’m not telling that you should not make an effort to make yourself to look better than what you were from yesterday but it’s a question of how you do it.

If you check on the number of people that has been diagnosed under skin cancer detection processes, you will see how drastically that count has gone up over the last ten to twenty years and when the doctors actually dig into the reasons for this; they end up finding out it’s mostly because of the products they do or the surgeries they take in. there are so many companies in the field claiming to give you healthy clear skin to apply on your skin or even pills that can bring about the difference you want in such a short time span. Patience is one thing that most people lack in today’s generation and this is why they keep looking out for products that can bring them instant changes.

There are so many don’ts to keep in mind when trying to get a pretty face or figure and most people might actually think that I’m aiming at plastic surgeries like best rhinoplasty in Melbourne but I’m looking at the bigger picture here. Going for a plastic surgery is completely fine if you have done enough research into whom you will be doing it with because if you just choose someone who’s not as good for the sake of the price, there can still be a risk of you doing something to your body that you might not like. However one main thing not to do is get injections or continue strong pills that are out there in the market which claims to give you healthy hair, skin or nails without a doctors consultation on it.

They can do some serious damage to your body in the long run and sometimes you might have taken a pill for patches or skin issues that could directly affect a woman’s period’s cycles plus even result in infertility. You must collect enough information and have an upper hand into what you are getting yourself into. Always focus on the long term effects and take the slow healthier path.

Eyelash Extensions Myths

Beautification is the key to win hearts. We all know that, and that is why, mostly, women remain concerned about their beauty. Almost every woman wants to look beautiful and attractive. Eye is that part of a woman which brings out her beauty if it is embellished with perfect dexterity. Almost every woman wishes to have long, thick and rich eyelashes. But, the wish gets fulfilled for the very fortunate ones. However, for this reason many women go for eyelash extension treatment in order to look more beautiful. But there are some myths spread about eyelash extension, which are entirely myths.

Natural lashes will be damaged:

One popular myth about eyelash extension is that it will destroy all your natural lashes. Most of them say that you will lose all your new lashes in company with natural lashes after having the treatment in between three to four weeks. After having the treatment you can see some of your own natural eyelashes are falling along with your new synthetic fibre eyelash. But, this is a myth. Once you join lash extension courses you can understand the truth.

It will create an obstacle in creating new eye lash:

Another funny myth about artificial lash treatment is that it will create problems in the growth of new natural eyelash. If this was true, then there would be no reason to give an extra fill session during the treatment. Eyelash extension treatment never hamper the growth of natural eyelash and after taking the treatment you can see that your own natural eyelashes are growing one more time. One of the best ways to find out the truth is to join eyelash training courses.

You can be blind:

What is funnier among these myths is the chance of getting blind. Yes, it is a fact that eyelash extension is really a serious task and a small error can affect your eyes. But if you take the treatment under the attendance of a trained hand, then there will be less chance of harm and you will not lose your eyes. But if the lash does not suit your skin, then there will be some allergic problems around eye area. But, it will not turn into something serious and can be healed by some eye drops.

It will take long time:

It is such a long process! It is another myth about eyelash extension. If you hire a beautician who is a novice one and has not much experience about eyelash extension, then it will definitely take long time. But if you hire someone with expertise, then the eyelash extension treatment will not take too much time.