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What the kids say
On the whole, pupils enjoyed taking part in The Daily Mile but some also spoke of it becoming repetitive and boring. Pupils suggested playing music while running, setting up an obstacle course or running with a buddy around the mile to make it more interactive and fun. 2 Supplements To Burn Fat While Sleeping

I like it because you can run with your friends and also listen to music, but it could be better by adding obstacles in maybe, hurdles or something

This is important as research shows that finding a form of physical activity that you enjoy increases the likelihood of you starting and maintaining a physically active lifestyle.

In our research, children also told us they didn’t like it when The Daily Mile replaced their play time – as is the case in some schools. One of the children we spoke to told us:

If it wasn’t taking up our play time which is one of the fun moments of the day, then I would do it, because it is during play I don’t really want to do it.

Indeed, play is an essential component of child development and there has been a recent emphasis on the importance of protecting the ever decreasing opportunities of school play times.

The Daily Mile: making children fitter, healthier and more able to concentrate in the classroom. Best Supplements For Weight Loss For Females of 2022. The Daily Mile, FAL
Some pupils also told us how they thrived at the competitive aspect of The Daily Mile, but others were worried about “finishing last”. Encouraging pupils to set their own personal goals helped to tackle this and enabled children to see improvements in their running.

Well I know it’s supposed to improve your running, and it did for me because at the start I couldn’t really run long distance, but now I can run about 36 laps nonstop running.

Pupils in our study also reported enjoying The Daily Mile more when teachers ran it with them.

I think the teachers should start running it, because they’re just like standing there while we’re doing all the running and I feel like they should be doing it … If they joined in I would run more.

We also found that some schools would organise termly launch events to create excitement and enthusiasm in school around The Daily Mile – with parents, other family members and the wider community getting involved too. Best Weight Loss Supplements For Women of 2022. Pupils told us how much they enjoyed this, along with meeting local sporting celebrities who supported The Daily Mile.

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